Cinnamon Gummy Bears - 5lb

Cinnamon Gummy Bears - 5lb
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Get your cinnamon fix with our delicious gummy bears! Each piece offers serious cinnamon flavor with a look that's sure to entice. Just like traditional gummy bears, these handsome teddy's have a large head with round ears, adorable paws and an endearing face.

Every piece is made of solid gummy candy in a bright red hue that grabs attention and hints at the irresistible flavor that awaits! Take a bite and enjoy your favorite soft candy with a touch of warm spice! Our bulk cinnamon bears are a must-have for events, holidays and parties!

Combine with a green candy to create a festive Christmas mix or surprise guests by mixing with other gummy bears in a candy dish. We carry a variety of other single color candies so you can build a custom assortment for any event. Make beautiful wedding favors with a red theme or spice up your birthday party treat bags with our bulk cinnamon bears!

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