Cinnamon Heart Nougat Fluff - 3lb

Cinnamon Heart Nougat Fluff - 3lb
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Price per pound: $9.66

Product Details

Light fluffy and oh-so-chewy, our cinnamon heart nougat candy is a great choice for Valentine's Day, anniversaries or any occasion that could use a little love. Each bite produces a warm, delightful cinnamon sensation that pleases the taste buds.

What's even better is the smooth texture of nougat fluff. When combined, texture and taste come together to form an irresistible treat with a charming design.

Our cinnamon heart nougat fluff candies aren't just delicious, they are also decorative! Each piece is round, like taffy, and comes in a gentle pink hue. The middle is adorned in a bold red heart that's visible through the clear wrapper.

Each piece is individually wrapped so you get the best flavor experience every time! Our bulk cinnamon heart nougat fluff is a must-have for holiday parties, birthdays and any gathering of friends and family. They also make a great addition to an edible gift!


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