Cinnamon Toothpicks Hotlix - 20ct

  • $40.99

Toothpicks infused with real cinnamon oil!

16 toothpicks per tube

Price per unit: $2.05

Product Details

Nothing tops off a good meal like Cinnamon Toothpix to clean your teeth! Sit back, relax, and freshen your breath with these cinnamon flavored sticks. The are infused with real cinnamon oil!

They are a great, flavorful tool to keep around the house for guests, to keep in your purse if you need one, or just to chew on if you love the cinnamony flavor! In reusable tubes, these pointy picks can be stored safely without worry of poking yourself or others. And when you're done, you can use the tube again to store some more! Bring some of these home today to help you attain a cleaner mouth and enjoy a taste of spicy cinnamon every time you use them.

SKU: Y338395

16 toothpicks per tube

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