Clark's Teaberry Gum - 12ct

Clark's Teaberry Gum - 12ct
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Clark's Teaberry Gum is a unique type of chewing gum that you used to be able to find all over the place, but now it has become a delicacy that you can't find everywhere. This is one of those vintage candies that just will never go out of style because of its exceptional flavor.

It is still sold in the same type of package, so it keeps its vintage look and feel- even after all of these years! This box has twelve packs of chewing gum, so you will either be stocked up for quite a while, or you can add them to your vintage candy display- which will be sure to be a great treat to your customers who love everything vintage! The gum is sweet and milk teaberry flavored, and most people are sure to love it. Just remember, don't swallow it when you get done chewing it!

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