Coconut M&Ms - 24ct

Coconut M&Ms - 24ct
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Who doesn't love coconut? Anyone not excited by chocolate? If you love both of these elements on their own, then wait until you open the first of pack in this bulk supply.

Coconut M&M's taste like you cracked open a fresh coconut, chiseled away the shell, shredded the meat, and dipped it in creamy milk chocolate.

Do you remember when there were only regular and peanut M&M's? These days, Mars has gotten very creative with its flavor concoctions. Just when you think the company can't possibly top its last creation, something new comes along that turns you into a full blow addict. Coconut M&M's are just about the yummiest treat you can possibly snack on.

These candies are absolutely divine and one nearly anyone will be charmed by. They are certified kosher and perfect for handing out for family movie night or to fill holiday stockings with.

Certified Kosher Candy

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