Coffee Bon Bons - 5lb

Coffee Bon Bons - 5lb
  • $26.99

65 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $5.40

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Wrapped individually and in beautiful rich, chocolate colored wrappers, Coffee Bon Bons will remind you of the coffee beans they're flavored for. Wake up! They are ready to give your taste buds a shake out of sleepiness with just one taste.

Are you an aspiring barista? Do you love having people over for dessert and coffee? Spice up your menu with and order of these Coffee Bon Bons. You can dole some out to guests on the way out the door, add some at a coffee station for people to munch on if they want all the coffee flavor without the caffeine, or keep in your desk at work if you need a wake up call mid-afternoon. These Coffee Bon Bons are so delicious, you'll want to do all the above and more!

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65 pieces per pound

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