Coffee Rio Original Roast - 3lb

Coffee Rio Original Roast - 3lb
  • $30.99

115 pieces per pound (345 total)

Price per pound: $10.33

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It is a fact of life that people love to drink coffee and sometimes when coffee is unavailable people get in a bad mood. Not anymore with Coffee Rio Original Roast hard candy treats at your disposal. These delicious treats will provide a powerful blast of coffee goodness all through the day, no matter where you are. Their bright individual wrapping will keep all of the treats delicious and in pristine condition until you have the chance to pop one in your mouth.

Coffee has never tasted as good as this original roast flavor because, let's face it, it is candy. Probably leaving these treats out on your desk at work will be a bad move because they will disappear very fast, as other people seek the coffee refreshment for themselves. Fortunately they come in a big bulk box so even the most addicted coffee lover will be able to share enjoy this treat with many friends and coworkers without worry.

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115 pieces per pound (345 total)

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