Coffee Rio Original Roast - 12ct

Coffee Rio Original Roast - 12ct
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If you love a steaming hot cup of Joe in the morning, then you have to try Coffee Rio candy! This delicious treat recreates the experience of sipping away at a fresh brewed mug of coffee on a chilly day.

Each piece will make you feel warm inside and out, with a savory flavor that is rich in full bodied flavor. This Adam & Brooks candy creation features a short tube of hard caramel made with real coffee!

Our bulk Coffee Rio candy pack contains many bags that are easy to give and share. Each contains a generous helping of individually wrapped coffee flavored caramels. The shimmering gold wrapper hints at the luxurious coffee flavor hidden inside!

Simply untwist and pamper your taste buds with the taste of your favorite hot beverage anytime, even if there isn't a single coffee maker in sight! Get your black coffee fix with Coffee Rio candy by Adam & Brooks!

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