Coffee Rio Sugar Free - 3lb

Coffee Rio Sugar Free
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This isn't your typical cup of joe!

115 pieces per pound (345 total)

Price per pound: $12.66

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This isn't your typical cup of joe. That's because these Adams and Brooks Coffee Rio Sugar Free Candies pack a sweet, rich, java flavor without any of the sugar! That means you can adhere to your healthy lifestyle and still get a delicious fix of coffee candy.

Individually wrapped in a metallic foil wrapper, these little candies mirror the French presses of olde. Wake yourself up, satisfy a sweet tooth, and make your body, soul and dentist all happy at the same time whenever you snack on these. They're a great addition to a coffee bar or after dinner drinks and even look great tucked into a food themed gift basket for a friend.

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115 pieces per pound (345 total)

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