Conversation Beans - 10lb

Conversation Beans - 10lb
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Price per pound: $6.80

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If you have heard of conversation hearts for Valentine's Day then you will love our conversation jelly beans! Instead of chalky tart candy, you can send a message with smooth, chewy jelly beans.

Each piece includes high quality confection shaped like a classic coffee bean. A variety of flavors are included, each with bold colors ranging from blue and green to pink, red and yellow.

What will the conversation beans say to the loved ones you share them with? Send a message of love and friendship with beans that say "B Tru", "Y Not" and "Honey". A number of different words and terms are included, each sending a positive message that's fun to read while you eat.

Our bulk conversation beans are a great choice for weddings, showers, Valentine's Day parties or school activities. Use them as part of an edible gift or pour conversation jelly beans into dishes to serve at a celebration!


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