Cookie Dough Taffy - 3lb

Cookie Dough Taffy - 3lb
  • $10.99

65 pieces per pound (195 total)

Price per pound: $3.66

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Cookie dough taffy is a delicious candy for cookie lovers. This unique confection combines classic taffy with the fresh baked taste of your favorite homemade treat. Each piece is soft and chewy, much like a batch of sugar cookies that are almost ready to eat.Our cookie dough taffy requires no actual baking so they are always ready to eat when you're craving something sweet and satisfying! Our bulk cookie dough taffy features a unique design that looks like a chocolate chip cookie. Each piece is round and thick, offering a generous mouthful that's packed with irresistible doughy taste.The surface is pure white with a trio of dark brown shapes that are similar to melted chocolate chips. Our cookie dough taffy is a fun addition to any event. Add them to party favors or use to complete baby shower or wedding favors! They are tasty enough to tempt candy lovers of all ages and elegant enough for high class celebrations.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K332357

65 pieces per pound (195 total)

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