Crazy Hair Sour Candy - 12ct

Crazy Hair Sour Candy - 12ct
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Lucas has don't it again with Crazy Hair sour candy!

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Product Details

Lucas has don't it again with Crazy Hair sour candy! When it comes to novelty candies, Lucas knows how to make snack time more interesting. This Mexican brand offers a sweet, fruity confection that is served in a fun plastic container.

Each includes a cylinder with a narrower bottom and plastic base. The top includes bright yellow with the famous Lucas duck logo. Each Crazy Hair sour candy includes a dome shaped cap on top. Simply pop the cap and twist to dispense a gooey strawberry candy with a sour twist! Take a bite and enjoy delicious berry taste that's tangy.

When you're done, just put the cap back and save until it's time to snack again. Our bulk Crazy Hair sour candy is a convenient confection for events and holidays. Use them to create birthday party favors or add them to this year's stocking stuffer list. Keep a box of Crazy Hair sour candy at home so you always have a quick treat for the kids!

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Flavor List

Sour Strawberry or Sour Raspberry.

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