Cricket Lick-It Lollipops - 36ct

Cricket Lick-It Lollipops - 36ct
  • $132.99

Made with real crickets and sugar free candy!

1 ounce per pop

Price per pop: $3.69

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These Cricket Lick-It Lollipops will make you a poet even if you didn't know it! We can't resist a candy that rhymes. And especially one that also boasts a fabulous and original taste.

Be forewarned, these Cricket Lick-It Lollipops aren't for the feint of heart. They're stuffed with a real cricket buried beneath a sweet candy coating. The more you lick, the closer you get to this creepy crawly. If you are good with that and think that's pretty awesome, then why not try some Cricket Lick-It Lollipops today? They're a great source of protein and sweetness to satisfy your cravings. Or bring some home to gross out your loved ones on April Fool's Day!

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1 ounce per pop

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