Crisp Chirsmtas Balls - 5lb

Crisp Chirsmtas Balls - 5lb
  • $51.99

Price per pound: $10.40

Product Details

Rich in flavor and delightfully crisp, our Christmas ball candy is a delicious treat to serve friends and family over the holidays. Each piece includes an orb shape that's sleek, smooth and comes in bite-sized portions.

Fill up your candy jar or take them to the office to give coworkers and clients a little holiday treat! You can also use them as an edible stocking stuffer or add them to Christmas party favors. Our bulk crisp Christmas balls candy is extremely versatile thanks to its simple yet beautiful look. Each round piece is wrapped in a thin layer of decorative foil.

The outside comes in green, red, blue, silver or gold. A classic checkered pattern covers all sides to create shiny and matte spaces that add festive detail. Share them on Christmas Eve or Christmas day or save them to enjoy at your New Year's Eve party! Snack in holiday style with our irresistible crisp Christmas balls.


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