Cry Baby Tears Extra Sour Candy - 24ct

Cry Baby Tears Extra Sour Candy - 24ct
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Let it all out with these Cry Baby candies. A gret schadenfreude gift!

1.98 ounces per box

Price per unit: $2.17

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Let it all out with these Cry Baby candies! The perfect schadenfreude gift.

With a rainbow of colors from yellow to purple to green to red, these sweet looking candies are anything but! Bite into one Cry Baby and your eyes will well up, your mouth with pucker and your face will scrunch as your tongue battles the sour taste dissolving in your mouth.

If you're built for sour candy eating—and a lot of it—then you'll love this bulk supply of Cry Baby candy. With a bunch of individual size boxes, you can stuff some into Christmas stockings, add some to gift baskets, put some out on a candy buffet for guests to try or even open up a few boxes and stir them into lemonades and punches for extra pucker power. Although these Cry Baby candies are little, nothing about their tartness is!

These Cry Baby Tears are an extra sour variety that will be sure to get your cheeks wet. In little tear-shaped morsels, these Cry Baby Tears are full of tart flavor that will shock your mind and mouth all at once.

Since these Cry Baby Tears come in individual size boxes, they make perfect additions to candy buffet bars, Halloween candy buckets, gift baskets, stockings, lunch boxes and practically anything else! You can even open a box or two of these Cry Baby Tears and use a few on top of margaritas or lemonade slushes to amp up the tartness and surprise your guests with a clever new garnish.

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1.98 ounces per box

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