Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peels - 10lb

Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peels - 10lb CandyStore.com
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Delicious dark chocolate with a tangy orange peel center, perfect for bulk sales or snack mixes.

Price per pound: $14.30

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With a taste that can only be described as zesty, Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peels are among the most decadent possibilities for a candy dessert! The sweet yet slightly bitter notes of orange peel and dark chocolate blend exceedingly well into a little gourmet treat with a sweet, bright citrus flavor in the midst of its chocolate richness.

These bulk chocolate-covered orange peels round out the flavor in kids assortments, but the ingredients are well suited to more grown-up tastes. Bake dark chocolate orange peels into thumbprint cookies for a strikingly classy take on the old favorite, or use them to top cupcakes, making a wedding reception trend all the more elegant.

The dark, glossy morsels of candied orange peel and chocolate also look delectable in a bowl or jar. And remember, citrus aromas and flavors keep senses sharp while chocolate grants a sweet energy boost: could there be a better treat for exam time than chocolate orange peels? We think not!

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