Dots Candy Theater Size - 12ct

Dots Candy Theater Size
  • $26.99

Candy magic for movie go-ers and candy lovers alike since the 1940s!

6.5 ounces per box

Price per pack: $2.25

Product Details

We're number one! We're number 1! At least that's what the manufacturing company, Tootsie Roll Industries is shouting about their all-American favorite gummy, DOTS.

With a colorful assortment of cherry, lime, lemon, orange, and strawberry, these famous gumdrops have been sprinkling their candy magic into the lives of movie go-ers and candy lovers alike since the 1940s. With their appetizing, bite-sized shape and chewy, fruity consistency, it's no wonder why these little gummies have become a household name and candy lovers' favorite. Now with these theater size boxes of DOTS, you can try them on for size and see for yourself!

SKU: O344003

6.5 ounces per box

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