Double Lollies by Smarties - 200ct

Double Lollies - 200ct
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If you love sweet tarts then you are sure to find that you love Double Lollies by Smarties. These great candies are able to provide you the sweet tart in a larger piece on a stick. There are two different sweet flavors in each pop to ensure that you get a little change when you are indulging. You will also be able to get 2 suckers that are already unwrapped for your convenience.

This puts a new twist on an old favorite that is sure to be a big hit for people of all ages. These would be great to put out a party that you were having as a treat for those who were in attendance. Nearly everyone is sure to find that they are more than happy with the flavor that they get. You can expect the candy to be somewhat hard but certainly not too hard which makes it perfect.

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