Double Salt Licorice - 2.2lb

Double Salt Licorice
  • $45.99

Dubel Zout! - which translates to Double Salt Licorice - is all its cracked up to be and more!

Price per pound: $20.90

Product Details

Dubel Zout!, which translates to Double Salt Licorice, is all its cracked up to be and more! Packed with the salty and sweet combination that candy lovers go coo-coo for, these amazing little morsels of licorice will have you licking your chops for more.

In black little gobs of deliciousness, this Double Salt Licorice comes in a bulk bag and unwrapped so you're free to pour them into cash jars, add some to the top of baked goods, decorate a gingerbread house or just snack on them at will whenever you need a tasty bite of something salt and sweet. Give your mouth a flavor boost today with these Double Salt Licorice candies. Dubel Zout! We just love saying that.

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