Emerald Nugget Choco Rocks - 5lb Bulk

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Are you off to see the Wizard, seeking the end of the rainbow, or just hoping you'll see your golf ball again amidst a sea of fresh green grass? Whatever your angle on the sultry splendor of dark green, you'll love how it's represented in Emerald Nugget Choco Rocks!

Made from fine cacao chocolate and covered by a thin shell of shimmering deep green candy, these little pebbles of goodness gleam with emerald hues. Lending sophistication to themed desserts and candy buffets, Emerald Nuggets chocolate candy rocks are among the most elegant options for bulk sweets.

The glittering shells make them great vase fillers for a fresh-picked candy bouquet, while the delectable chocolate inside the wholesale candies makes them popular treats at St. Patrick's Day festivities and at summer or winter weddings with green in their color schemes.

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