Espresso Truffle - 6lb

Espresso Truffle - 6lb
  • $96.99

30 truffles per pound (180 total)

Price per pound: $16.17

Product Details

Could it be? Two of the most decadent and delicious ingredients in one candy: espresso and truffles. You bet! We have one of the most delicious and rich candies you can find with these delectable Espresso Truffle morsels and we're sure you're just going to love them.

That's because each candy is made out of rich, creamy milk chocolate and boasts a melt in your mouth espresso truffle interior that will make you swoon. If you have a formal or fancy affair to attend to soon, then bring some of these elegant candies home to share with your friends and family. They make great additions to gift baskets or dropped into coffee drinks for an extra oomph of deliciousness.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: F221250958054

30 truffles per pound (180 total)

Flavor List

  • Espresso
  • Caramel (each with milk chocolate)
  • or Chocolate
  • French Mint
  • Grand Marnier (with dark chocolate)

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