Fancy Fruit Gumballs - 850CT

Fancy Fruit Gumballs - 850CT
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Plain gumballs are nice, but what if you want something more enticing in your candy collection? Our fancy fruit gumballs offer the ideal combination of classic bubblegum flavor with a unique novelty design.

Each piece is fashioned into the shape of a realistic fruit! You'll find many of your favorites, like textured lemons and oranges or smooth watermelons. Along with delightful shapes, each gumball also comes in a brilliant color.

Even the watermelons have subtle variations that recreate the look of an actual rind! Our bulk fancy fruit gumballs are an excellent choice for special occasions or snacking at home. Pour them into decorative dishes to serve guests or use them to fil out treat bags.

They are even beautiful enough to make wedding favors look elegant! Each piece includes a tasty piece of sweet bubblegum with a light candy shell that adds a glorious shine. Entice taste buds with the chewy, juicy fruitiness of our fancy gumballs!

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