Farley Assorted Mini Gummi Rings - 5lb

Farley Assorted Mini Gummi Rings - 5lb CandyStore.com
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Farley assorted mini gummi rings are one of the chewiest, sweetest treats you can tempt your taste bud with! Each bite features a simple hoop shape with a hollow center, smooth sides and flat top and bottom. Our colorful assortment includes green, purple, orange and red in a smaller size than the average gummy ring candy.

Gummy rings make everything fun! There are so many things you can do with this versatile shape. Use them to make edible necklaces and bracelets. Use to top cookies and cupcakes as a sweet decoration. Green gummy rings make beautiful wreathes for gingerbread houses! Our bulk gummy pack contains a generous quantity so you have many mini rings to play with. Kids will love stretching them out before taking a bite at snack time. Add them to a small dowel rod to serve as a counting aid when teaching young children basic math. They also make a tasty candy jar filler at the office!

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