Ferrara Fruit Slices - 5lb

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Ferrara fruit slices are a chewy gummy candy that comes in an assortment of irresistible colors. Each piece features a classic wedge shape with scalloped "rind" and delightful sugar coating. All your favorite flavors are included, like lime, lemon, cherry, grape and orange!

Fruit slices are the perfect gummy for grown-ups and kids! Each bite is full of juicy flavor, making it a delicious choice for snack time. Pour a few into a baggie to take with you or use them to keep the candy dish at home full. You'll be the most popular person at work when you bring these fruit flavored gummies in to share with coworkers and clients! Ferrara fruit slices also make a unique topping for cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other baked creations. Let children sort them to learn colors or to work on basic counting skills. Little ones will love eating their work after the lesson is over!

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