Ferrara Pan Gummi Tarantula - 30lb

Ferrara Pan Gummi Tarantula - 30lb CandyStore.com
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Ferrara gummi tarantula candy will creep and crawl with eight long legs and a thick spider body. Each piece includes a two tone look in orange, blue, green and blood red. This sweet treat is super chewy and features a novel shape that is perfect for holidays and themed events.

Creep out guests with these edible spiders! Ferrara gummy tarantulas include realistic detail that is perfect for Halloween parties and any event with a scary theme. Pour into a bowl and dare guests to reach in for a bite or use them as an edible decoration on cookie trays. They love to crawl on top of cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Kids will get a kick out of eating spider legs! Use them to fill up party favors or include them in your Halloween candy to give Trick or Treaters a little scare. Our bulk gummy spider pack is also a must-have for fall community events and school activities!

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