Sour Gummy Bears - 5lb Bulk

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What did these Sour Gummy Bears get into that made them so tangy?

163 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $6.00

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We cant help but wonder what these Sour Gummy Bears got into that made them so tangy! They certainly haven't been eating honey like Pooh or berries in the forest like their cousin the black bear. Whatever the case, these little Sour Gummy Bears are seriously pucker-worthy!

If you're a fan of other sour candy, then give these chewy little bears a try. Coated in tart sugar and in a multitude of colors, you can munch, nibble, chew and suck on these little morsels until the cows come home. Just do long as your taste buds can hold out long enough to handle the tang, you'll be good to go with one of these bulk bags.

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163 pieces per pound

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