Lemonhead Lemon Candy Small Packs - 24ct

Lemonhead Lemon Candy Small Packs - 24ct
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Since the 1960s, Lemonheads have earned a place among the most popular of all panned candies. This confection comes in a bright yellow orb that looks like a miniature lemon! Each bite treats the tongue to a combination of fruity lemon and tart flavors that are sure to calm even the most demanding of candy cravings!

Lemonheads will brighten your day with a burst of sour citrus! Enjoy them as a quick treat between meetings or save to eat as a late night snack when you normally would eat less healthy foods. Fat free candy is also a smart choice for kids! Give them the sweet and sour flavors they want without adding more fat to their daily diet. Our bulk Lemonheads include individual boxes that are easy to give. Add them to this year's stocking stuffer list or use in your Halloween candy dish. Coworkers will also love sharing this retro candy during the work day!

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