Fire Cube Cinnamon Suckers Tub - 100ct

Fire Cube Cinnamon Suckers Tub - 100ct
  • $68.99

Espeez® Cinnamon cube pops offer a spicy cinnamon flavor in a hard candy sucker, wrapped individually for a nostalgic candy experience.

Price per pop: $0.96

Product Details

Old fashioned cinnamon Cube Pops are a unique confection that harkens back to simpler times. There's something warm and cozy about the taste of traditional cinnamon. Each Cube Pop includes a disposable stick with a 3D square shaped hard candy on top. Each bright red piece is filled with classic cinnamon flavor that's sure to satisfy sweet cravings with a touch of nostalgia. They arrive individually wrapped, making Cube Pops a great choice for party favors and more.

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