Fives React Fruit - 10ct

Fives React Fruit - 10ct
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Wrigley's Fives chewing gum has introduced the world to exciting new flavors in a sleek, trendy package. While peppermint and spearmint are a common choice among gum chewers, what about those who are searching for a burst of sweet flavor? Fives presents React fruit gum! This irresistible treat includes a mixed fruit flavor that simply pours out of every stick as you chew.

Don't worry, you can enjoy your fruit without the saccharine side effects because this chewing gum is entirely sugar-free! That means your teeth and gums stay cleaner and you can still enjoy the mouthwatering taste of delicious fruit! If you find yourself frequently running out of Fives, don't despair! We carry bulk gum packages so you can get all the chew time you need every time you order. Buy them for personal use or take a box or two into work and share Fives React gum with everyone!

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