Flash Pop Rings - 24ct

Flash Pop Rings - 24ct CandyStore.com
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Wearable hard candy that lights up!

Price per pop: $1.54

Product Details

Flash Pop rings are one of the most amazing confections available! Children won't be able to resist the allure of this glowing accessory! Each piece is wearable and edible. It begins with a plastic base that includes a ring that fits over most fingers.

The top supports a cylinder shaped length of hard candy in green apple, lemon or strawberry flavors. As if the temptation of sugar wasn't enough, Flash Pop rings take it a step further with a flashing light hidden inside the candy, creating a fun light. Each novelty candy arrives packaged individually with a plastic dome.

Children will love choosing green, blue, yellow or red even more when they see these lollipop style ring pops light up! Flash Pops will make birthday treat bags even more exciting or can be used as stocking stuffers, Easter basket filler or a unique after school snack. Make children smile with wearable hard candy that lights up!

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