Fruit Stand Gourmet Gumballs - 850 CT

Fruit Stand Gourmet Gumballs - 850 CT
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Fruit Stand Gumballs take ordinary gum balls and elevate them into a sophisticated treat. These 1-inch gumballs are cleverly colored to look like the fruits they taste like. This candy/gum does not disappoint one bite and the sweet hard shell breaks through to even sweeter chewy fruity gum. They are perfect for Weddings and Birthday parties with natural and outdoor themes. Clear Class decorations full of these marvelous balls will give your theme an extra edge.

For fall holidays they can be added to cornucopias and decorative edibles. For summer events these flavorful treats can be placed around decorative trees, or in pastel glass as centerpieces. Businesses can put Fruit Stand Gumballs in dispensers, creating a classy quarter machine. With real fruit flavors these gumballs are a great choice for habitual gum chewers, nervous chewers, and everyone else. Fruit Stand Gumballs are certified Kosher and come in cases of 85.

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1-inch diameter each.

Price per piece: $0.08

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