Fun Size M&Ms Milk Chocolate - 5lb

Fun Size M&Ms Milk Chocolate - 5lb
  • $34.99

22 pieces per pack (About 100 packs total)

Price per pack (5lb) ~: $0.35

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Get the party started with these Fun Size Packs of M&Ms! Great for Halloween trick-or-treating, birthday parties, or just to enjoy as a perfectly portioned snack, this bulk bag is ready to add some delicious flavor to your life and those you share them with.

Get your bag today to add some extra deliciousness and magic into your every day snacking. Since 1941, M&Ms button-sized shape, hard candy crunch, and milk chocolate meltiness have been pleasing palates near and far. See for yourself why these ''melt in your mouth, not in your hand'' classics have made their way into America's hearts and stomachs.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: Y341322

22 pieces per pack (About 100 packs total)

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