Bali's Best Espresso Coffee Candy - 2.2lb

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Bali's Bast Coffee flavored candies. How do you take yours?

85 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $5.45

Product Details

Boy, have we got a wake up call for you! These Gourmet Bali's Best Coffee Candies are full of the delicious brewed flavor you love to wake up to every morning. And the best part? You can enjoy them at any time of day.

Add a few of these amazing morsels to your morning cup of coffee for an enhanced, rich flavor, add them to a dessert table for guests to enjoy, even set them around the house for delicious snacking. There's genius brewed into every candy. You won't want to set the snooze button with a bite of one of these delectable coffee candies.

SKU: F317222

85 pieces per pound

Flavor List

Espresso, Coffee, or Latte.

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