Gas Pump Candy Dispenser - 12ct

  • $20.99

Turn the gas pump lever and watch the little candies spiral down into your hand!

Price per dispenser: $1.75

Product Details

Eating candy should be fun, not boring. That's why candy makers try to come up with new, innovative ways to make each sweet treat more exciting.

Our Gas pump Candy Station is a perfect example of how fun and snack time can come together in a way kids love. This unique novelty candy includes a collection of small round pieces in many vibrant colors.

Pick from blue, orange, yellow, green, white or red or try a handful and taste them all at once! What makes our Gas Pump Candy Dispenser so unique is how the treat is delivered. Each package of round candies comes inside a tiny plastic gas pump!

The top is capped with an upright round sign while the bottom features a simple cylinder shape. A hose and nozzle extend from one side, just like you would see at a real gas station! Kids can enjoy our Gas Pump Candy Station then keep the dispenser to use as a fun toy!

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