Giant Tootsie Pops Lollipops - 72ct

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Indulge in a nostalgic treat with colorful, chewy Pennsylvania Dutch Candies Tootsie Pops, free from gluten and allergens.

72 pops per box

Price per pop: $0.69

Product Details

When a regular sized Tootsie Pop isn't enough, you need a giant Tootsie Pop! This enormous lollipop offers more of the flavors you love in the same convenient package. Each features a similar design, with a chewy candy center and delicious hard candy outside.

They come perched on a disposable white stick with a wrapper to maintain freshness. Our assortment includes all your favorite colors, which are indicated by the color of the lollipop's wrapper! Bulk giant Tootsie Pops are a great way to prepare for parties and other special events.

Open the box and put it out for guests to grab and eat. Or divide your lollipops up into party favors for kids.

They make a quick after school snack or can be taken to the office to share with coworkers! Young and old alike will love the taste of nostalgic Tootsie Pops - especially when they see the giant version!

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72 pops per box

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