Giant Tootsie Rolls Candy - 24ct

Giant Tootsie Rolls Candy - 24ct
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Enjoy the classic chocolatey flavor of Giant Tootsie Rolls, a gluten-free candy that comes in a counter display box and is perfect for sharing.

Price per piece: $3.33

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Giant Tootsie Rolls are the best way to make sure you get enough of the candy you love! The classic Tootsie Roll is a confectionary mainstay here in the United States. It was first manufactured in 1896.

What makes the Tootsie Roll stand out (aside from its delicious chocolate flavor) is its unique texture. It's chewy and soft like taffy with a stiffness and texture that's like caramel, yet doesn't quite fall into either category. The Tootsie Rolls you usually see often come in bite-sized portions that are individually wrapped.

Our giant Tootsie Rolls offer the same amazing taste and texture, but in a much bigger size. Each piece measures a massive 10 inches! They still feature the familiar brown, red and white wrapper so you know you're getting a genuine Tootsie Roll candy. Giant Tootsie Rolls make great gifts, stocking stuffers, party favors or can be given out as Halloween candy!

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