Gimbal's Delight Chews Candy - Sugar Free - 5lb

Gimbal's Delight Chews Candy - Sugar Free - 5lb
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Have a sweet tooth, but trying to kick the sweets to the curb? Want to keep your teeth healthy, but still crave a sugar treat? Well this Sugar Free Gimbal's Delight Chews Candy may be the confection for you! With their sugar free recipe, you can snack guilt free and happily with every gummy bite.

In a variety of colors and flavors, these make the perfect snack for any occasion. Put some in a candy jar around the house for a colorful snack, add some to your child's lunchbox for a tasty, but sugar free dessert option, or even bring some to a party for a lighter treat. When was the last time you could satisfy your diet, taste buds, and dentist at the same time?

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