Gold Shimmer Sixlets - 12lb Bag

  • $82.99

Crunchy candy shell with a chocolatey center in a luxurious gold finish, perfect for a special occasion or a chocolately snack.

540 pieces per pound (6,480 total)

Price per pound: $6.92

Product Details

You have seen original Sixlets, but have you seen our gorgeous gold version? Some occasions call for more fanfare and style. When you want to serve up your favorite cocoa and carob confection at a fancy celebration, we have the answer!

Our gold Sixlets are truly one-of-a-kind with a breathtaking shimmer that looks stunning in glass candy dishes, apothecary jars or whatever you plan to serve your treats in. Bulk Sixlets are a great choice for large events. Whether you're hosting a big birthday bash, holiday gathering, wedding or other special occasion, you can easily get the quantity you need right here.

Our bulk packs include several pounds in gold so you never have to pick through an assortment to get the color you need. Each features a smooth surface that glistens in any lighting. They even make delicious party or wedding favor filler! Give your guests a memorable experience with the rich look and flavor of gold Sixlets!

SKU: U336131

540 pieces per pound (6,480 total)

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