Goobers Candy - 24ct

Goobers Candy - 24ct
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Chocolate and peanut have reunited in this classic Goobers Candy to bring you one serious flavor adventure for your mouth. With whole roasted peanuts drenched in milk chocolate, you'll have a perfect combination of savory, salty, crunchy and melty. Who could ask for more?

Well, here at a CandyStore. com, we always ask for more. ThatÕs why we're offering these Goobers in a huge bulk order for you to bring home and enjoy. Break a few of these packages out for when you're baking and want to add something extra special to the mix. Use some Goobers to throw into trail mix for a sweet surprise. Even stock yourself up on these candies to give out for Halloween!

Certified Kosher Candy

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