Good & Plenty - 5lb Bulk

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One of the most famous licorice candies ever!

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Good & Plenty is one of the most famous licorice candies ever to come from the United States. This popular confection consists of sweet licorice pieces that are shaped into smooth, round capsules. Each tasty capsule is coated in a hard candy shell which produces the recognizable pink and white hue. The Good & Plenty name has been around since 1893 and continues to tempt anyone with a sweet tooth and love of chewy licorice.

Our massive bag of Good & Plenty candy is the easiest way to get more of the confections you love! Order a bag or two to keep at home so you can always satisfy your licorice cravings without searching multiple stores for your favorite snack! Bulk candy is convenient for picnics, parties and holiday events. Toss a few in decorative bags for birthday or wedding favors or pour them into a glass dish to eat at home. No matter where you serve them, our bulk Good & Plenty candy bag will please any crowd!

Certified Kosher Candy

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