Good & Plenty Packs - 24ct

Good & Plenty Packs - 24ct
  • $47.99

Good & Plenty candy will make your taste buds happy!

1.8 ounces per box

Price per pack: $2.00

Product Details

Good & Plenty candy is one of the most popular brands on the market today. Everyone recognizes the dark pink box and round Good & Plenty logo.

Whether you're a big fan or just looking for a satisfying sweet treat, our bulk Good & Plenty candy will make your taste buds happy. Each package contains many individual boxes so they're easy to store and hand out!

Every piece of Good & Plenty candy includes a bite-size length of black licorice with rounded ends. The solid capsule is then covered in a delicious candy coating in all white or pink.

Each piece is very sweet and combines a light crunch with that amazing chewy center that keeps candy lovers reaching for another bite. Our bulk Good & Plenty box is a must-have for special events like birthdays, holidays and school activities.

Host movie night complete with tasty snacks or save a few boxes so you always have Good & Plenty candy ready when you're craving something sweet.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K336574

1.8 ounces per box

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