Grape Gumballs - 850ct

Grape Gumballs - 850ct
  • $66.99

Gorgeous purple gumballs!

850 gumballs per unit

Price per piece: $0.08

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What do the ancient Greeks, Mayans and modern day baseball players have in common? Bubble gum! This historic chewable has been around for a centuries and these Grape Gumballs are here to continue the legacy of yum! Fill an olde timey bubble gum machine, add them to a glass jar for a retro candy buffet display, or even give them out to friends as a pretty party favor.

These bright, glossy purple gumballs are ready to give your jaw a scrumptious job to do chewing and blowing bubbles! And with over 85 gum balls per case, you'll be chewing happily for a long time.

Bulk purple gumballs will give you more pieces when making gifts, filling treat bags or snacking each day. Keep a box in your pantry so you always have something to curb sweet cravings. Add them to wedding favors to complement the colors you plan to use on your big day!

Purple gumballs are also a fun treat for kids at birthday parties and holiday gatherings. Stick with a monochromatic color scheme or combine with any of our other single color gumball packages to make a custom mix that matches your event!

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850 gumballs per unit

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