Grape Laffy Taffy - 24ct

Grape Laffy Taffy - 24ct
  • $49.99

Tangy and stretchy Grape Laffy Taffy Bars with jokes on every wrapper, a long-time favorite candy for all ages in green striped boxes.

1.5 ounce per bar

Price per unit: $2.08

Product Details

Give your sweet tooth something to chew on with Laffy Taffy! This famous treat is super sweet and super chewy! Each piece includes a generous ribbon of irresistible taffy that comes individually wrapped.

Simply tear open the package and prepare to enjoy juicy grape flavor in every bite. Our bulk Laffy Taffy pack is perfect for everyday snacking. Always have a great treat to give the kids after school or something to make your taste buds happy after a long day!

Grape Laffy Taffy is also a great candy to share at events and special occasions. Our grape taffy makes a tasty stocking stuffer over the holidays.

Add them to birthday party favors or use as part of your purple wedding favors! Young and old alike will absolutely love the sweet grape flavor that makes these delightful confections so amazing. Enjoy alone or order with any of our other Laffy Taffy flavors!

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1.5 ounce per bar

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