Green Chocolate Almonds 5lb

Green Chocolate Almonds 5lb
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Green chocolate almonds are the ultimate party snack!

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Green chocolate almonds are the ultimate party snack! Nut lovers won't be able to resist the crunchy, chocolaty charms of these delightful little ovals of awesome. Every piece includes a high quality almond that's smothered in a silky layer of chocolate.

To make this candy even more exciting, a thin candy shell was applied to create a shiny texture that adds an extra hint of sweet crunch to the mix. Not only are our green chocolate almonds delicious, they are also sold in bulk candy packs so you can order plenty for any occasion! Serve them up at birthday parties or combine with our red chocolate almonds as a festive treat during the winter holidays.

Green looks great whether you're at a picnic, school event or themed celebration! Chocolate covered almonds are also great for decorating cupcakes, cookies, cakes and other baked goods. Whether you eat them by the handful or as a special topping, you'll absolutely love our green chocolate almonds!

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