Gummy Green Army Guys - 5lb

Gummy Green Army Guys - 5lb
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Candy just does not get any more rugged than this!

Price per pound: $3.40

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Candy just does not get any more rugged than this. If you have been searching for candy that doesn't fall under the category of cute, sweet, girly, romantic, or gross, you just found it. Gummy Green Army Guys are so realistic they look like little plastic toys.

These soldiers are in an array of positions and holding different weapons. Gummy Green Army guys are perfect to put on top of a camo birthday cake. Throwing a retirement or welcome home party for someone in the military? It does not get any better than this. Sometimes, it is okay to play with your food before you eat it!

Gummy Green Army Guys don't only look cool; they taste just like green apples. This is a flavor you don't find used in candy very often, which makes them even more intriguing and satisfying. They are chewy, delicious, American-made, and fat-free.

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