Green Gumballs - 2lb

Green Gumballs - 2lb
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Green gumballs are packed with sweet flavor!

Price per pound: $7.00

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Green gumballs are packed with sweet flavor! Give your guests the best at parties, weddings and other events with our single color gumball pack. Every bite-sized piece starts with an orb of soft, chewy deliciousness.

Take your taste buds on a nostalgic journey with the unmistakable flavor that only bubblegum can offer. Children and adults alike won't be able to resist the charms of these gorgeous green gems!

Our green gumballs make it easy to put together the perfect event no matter how many or how few you will be entertaining. Add to wedding favors or treat bags for a kids birthday party. These gumballs go well with any theme that features green.

Serve them to guests at a St. Patrick's Day party or use them to decorate cakes, cookies and gingerbread houses. The possibilities are endless! Also explore our other single color bulk gumball and candy packages to create a custom assortment for special occasions.

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