Green Whirly Pops - 24ct Displays

Green Whirly Pops - 24ct Displays
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Whether you need to match a color scheme or simply love the color green, our Whirly Pops will be a fast favorite! This classic lollipop features a look that's playful and nostalgic. Anytime candy lovers imagine an old time candy shop, the scene usually includes large spiral lollies on tall sticks gathered in a jar.

Our green Whirly Pops offer a similar look with a tight coil of hard candy that's striped in deep green and pure white! Each Whirly Pop arrives individually wrapped in clear plastic so the twisted ribbons of color are visible. Add a handful to a jar for a decorative touch in the kitchen or hide in the pantry to give to the kids when they behave. It's easy to customize Whirly Pops for events.

Just tie on a personalized gift tag with some ribbon and you have a fabulous birthday treat or an elegant shower or wedding favor! Check out our whole bulk Whirly Pop selection to explore other colors to create your own a handpicked assortment.

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