Green & White Squiggly Pops Lollipops - 48ct

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Brilliant green and pure white stripes swirl through the surface of these Squiggly Pops lollipops, classic lime-flavored confections on a stick that provide a carnival feel! A top choice for candy buffets at summer weddings, Squiggly Pops are relatively small as novelty suckers go, but definitely large enough to display the visual punch of the fairground-style treat.

The size and color of these lime lollipops makes them a great choice for creating the leaves of a thoughtful candy bouquet gift, but the spiral form of a Squiggly Pop has such a strong association with amusement parks and childhood candy novelties that they'll always add circus flair. Paired with other deep green candies, however, they take on an elegant feel that would be at home in an old-world sweet shop window.

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