Dubble Bubble Baseball Bats Gumballs - 24ct

  • $139.99

These gumballs in a fun novelty baseball bat hit a homerun in your mouth!

18-inches long each.

Price per bat: $5.83

Product Details

Sports fans will absolutely love our gumball baseball bats! This amazing candy is a tasty treat, unique gumball holder and a fun sports-themed toy.

Children will step up to the plate to earn one of these novelty baseball bats! Each includes a black handle attached to a clear bat shaped container. The inside is filled with colorful gumballs. Open the end and grab a gumball or two, then save the rest for later!

Gumball baseball bats are a must-have for sports gifts and events. Use them as unique prizes at school activities and community events or impress a child you know who loves baseball with this delicious gift. They're great for gift baskets but can also be used as stocking stuffers during the holidays.

If you're hosting a baseball themed birthday party, these gumball filled bats make great game prizes or party favors! Share your love of the game and gumballs with this all American gumball baseball bat!

SKU: O343413

18-inches long each.

Price per bat: $5.83

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