Assorted Gumballs - 5/8-inch - 3650ct

Assorted Gumballs - 5/8-inch - 3650ct
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Not too small. Not too big. These Assorted 5/8-inch Gumballs are just right! In a rainbow of colors, these delicious gumballs are full of traditional bubblegum flavored gum for you to chew on, blow bubbles with and even twirl around your finger.

Give your old school gumball machine a pick-me-up. In a bulk supply, you'll be able to keep that gumball machine stocked for weeks to come. Or if you have a family full of chewing gum lovers, you can keep these out in a traditional candy jar or candy bowl. Whatever you see fit, these assorted gumballs will make you smile every time to snap and pop them in your mouth and savor the bubblegum flavor.

SKU: F317489

5/8-inch diameter each.

Price per piece: $0.02

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